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Who We are

Imperial Kingdom Apostolic Movement serves as a network and convergence of itinerant leaders, senior leaders, and their churches to come together in love and unity for the sole purpose of advancing the kingdom of God in the earth. We are a network that is geared towards maturing believers into their sonship with God the Father. We believe that leaders should be equipped enough to equip the believers they lead to demonstrate the supernatural reality of the kingdom of God. We have been commissioned to raise up sons (daughters) of God to live and operate according to their royal design in the kingdom of God. We also have been given the mandate of restoring kingdom identity to the people of God. Under the oversight Apostle Lionel M. Blair, Sr. and his wife Apostle Jasmine Blair, Imperial Kingdom Apostolic Movement provides oversight and accountability for itinerant leaders, senior leader, local churches, and believers who are tired of dead religion and who are willing and ready to accept who God has called them to be in His kingdom. We are commissioned by our Lord Jesus Christ to raise up a kingdom people that will advance the agenda of God in the earth. 

What we do 


Imperial Kingdom Apostolic Movement is unique in its versatility. Our activities include but are not limited to:


Teaching, Training, & Equipping

Healing & Miracle Crusades

Deliverance Crusades




Covering / Accountability For Churches & Itinerant Leaders/Ministers

Community Outreach through Evangelism

And much more...